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 On September 16, 2010, Marcus Stephen Harris appeared on the Lawyers’ Toolbox show on ALR/PRA Law Talk Radio to discuss Net Neutrality and the impact of internet regulation.  Topics addressed in this appearance include copyright and other intellectual property considerations, the impact on small businesses, a mobile user’s perspective and the opening of a door to litigation as regulatory bodies address the Net Neutrality debate.Net Neutrality is the principal that all information on the Internet should be treated equally.  Proponents of Net Neutrality argue that it is essential for continued innovation and that the Internet has always been open and such openness helped drive the development and acclaim of applications like YouTube, Facebook and Skype, for example.On the other side of the coin, evolving technology (including mobile phones that use incredible bandwidth) imposes stress on the Internet, causing some users to experience technology failures and internet service providers (ISP’s) who cannot keep up with demand.This featured broadcast opens with Attorney Harris’ background discussion and a few examples where Internet bandwidth usage has been litigated and precedent was set for Internet regulation.  Harris discusses the Comcast case of 2007 and contrasts that matter with the recent net neutrality position of Google and Verizon.Several intellectual property issues surround internet regulation.  Currently, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ISP’s are protected under the Act by take down provisions and other procedures used to guard against ISP liability for their users’ activities.  Many of the pier-to-pier file sharing networks (which use significant amounts of bandwidth) are notorious for the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.Small businesses are concerned by potential tiered pricing plans.  Entrepreneurs and companies have been able to leverage an open internet to build their businesses and maintain visibility through their efforts in search engine optimization, etc.. Proposed tier pricing could impact the financial viability of many small businesses.Mobile and WiFi Internet users are likely to experienced continued interruptions to service may be inclined to pay for a more robust and reliable user experience.  The debate remains whether consumers will collectively assent to tier pricing or boycott the use of their beloved smart phones and mobile computing technology.Regulation brings litigation where decisions made on Internet regulation set precedent in unchartered territory.  Many critics object to the FCC’s jurisdiction over the Internet.  Any new regulation will likely uncover new legal and practical considerations we have yet to explore.One thing is certain – the amount of mobile web users will increase and the stress on already burdened bandwidths will continue to pressure our ISP’s.  As the Net Neutrality debate continues, Technology Attorney Marcus Stephen Harris will continue to speak and write on the issues to help clients and consumers stay informed.Marcus Stephen Harris LLC is one of the leading technology law firms in the Illinois. Marcus Stephen Harris attorneys keep abreast of current issues and to provide legal insight. For more information about this event and the intellectual property and technology law firm of Marcus Stephen Harris, LLC please visit for contact information.  This firm serves nationwide clients in technology, licensing and intellectual property transactions and litigation.