ERP Information Videos

In the following videos attorney Marcus Harris provides information on litigating failed ERP implementations as well as information on drafting and negotiating ERP/SaaS software contracts,  software development contracts and software maintenance and implementation contracts.

Indirect Access and IOT in Software Agreements

Key Issues in SaaS Agreements

Signs That Your ERP Implementation Is Headed For Litigation

Strategies for Negotiating ERP Software Contracts

Common Signs Your ERP Implementation is Heading for Failure

Signs You Have Selected The Wrong ERP Vendor

ERP Software Evaluation and Selection Process

ERP Vendor Breach of Good Faith And Fair Dealing

Suing Your ERP Vendor for Negligent Misrepresentation

Addressing Costs During ERP Vendor Negotiations

Suing Your ERP Vendor for Fraud

Suing Your ERP Vendor For Breach Of Contract

Suing Your ERP Vendor For Breach of Warranty

ERP Negotiation Tips For Distributors

ERP Contracts: Differences Between On Premise And SAAS

ERP Software Contracts: Arbitration vs Litigation

Drafting Software Implementation Agreements

ERP Contract Negotiation: Common Software License Metrics Found In ERP Vendor Contracts

Negotiating The Price of The ERP Vendor Software License Contract

Importance Of Balanced Software Contracts

Ownership Issues In Software Agreements

Requirements For Software Development

The Value of Software Escrow

Key Issues In Software Maintenance Agreements

Termination Vs. Cancellation Of A Software License

ERP Software Litigation: License Grant Restrictions

ERP Vendor Contracts: Key Issues In Negotiating ERP Vendor Contracts

Marcus Harris Software & Intellectual Property Attorney

Software License Agreements & Vendor Misrepresentations

ERP Software Contract Maintenance vs. ERP Software Contract Warranty