ERP implementations are difficult. Every decision made by your project manager has an important impact on the project as a whole. A project manager that follows project management best practices is often the difference between ERP success and ERP failure. As a customer, it is important to have a general understanding of common indications that your project manager is failing to follow best practices, so you can recognize potential issues during the course of the implementation project. Listed below are four signs that your ERP vendor is not using project management best practices:

  1. Missed Deadlines

Missed deadlines are one of the most common indications that your ERP vendor is not using project management best practices. Benchmarks and deadlines are put in place for a reason, and if they are missed, it is an indication that something about the way the project is being managed is off.

  1. Nonconforming Deliverables

While your ERP contract may clearly define the roles of each person on the project management team, nonconforming deliverables are often a result of confusion regarding exactly what is to be delivered and by whom. The result is time and money being wasted on inappropriate or duplicative work. It is important that each distinct deliverable be documented in the contract, as well as the criteria for accepting or rejcting nonconforming deliverables.

  1. Pushing Back The Go-live Date

No matter how well a vendor’s project management methodology is, issues will arise during an ERP implementation, While pushing back the go live date is not a clear indication of substantial issues with the project, continually pushing back the go-live date is an indication that something is wrong.

  1. Lack Of Accountability

Implementations require project management teams to make timely, high quality decisions. If you find that decisions are not being timely made and it is unclear who is responsible, it may be an indication that there are project management issues. Establish early on who is responsible for what level of decision- making. Late, ambiguous, or poor quality decisions can doom your ERP project to failure.