R. Ray Wang, on his Software Insider’s Point of View blog, discusses the challenges organizations face in gaining buy-in and realizing the benefits of SaaS/Cloud application.  Ray details the top ten most common strategies for transcending the burden of legacy apps. Briefly, they are:

 1. Point Solutions;

2. SaaS Best of Breed Suites;

3. Two-Tier Hub and Spoke;

4. Legacy Containment and  Surround;

5. Hosted Legacy and Surround;

6. Legacy Mid-Term Replacement and Third Party Maintenance;

7. Legacy Long Term Replacement;

8. PaaS Extensions;

9. Long Term BPO;

10. Private Clouds.

The money quote “Proceed with Cloud/SaaS Strategies Based on Business Requirements Not Hype.”

Ray’s post is located here: http://bit.ly/b2zXqT