In The News: I Explain EULA’s To Fleet Equipment Magazine

The new issue of Fleet Equipment magazine has me explaining why an “End User License Agreement” must be negotiated to determine who owns data collected by a service provider.

I noted that these agreements, commonly known by the acronym EULA, is typically complex and one-sided in a way that does not give the customer much control over the data or how it is used. “You have to have the right contractual provisions to cover data and to make sure that you have relief in the event that it’s improperly disclosed,” I said.

Without understanding the terms of an EULA contract but have “clicked to accept” it, I told the publication that even if the data is misused in a way that causes business damage it is not a fight the company will want to have in court.

“A judge is going to say, ‘You had the opportunity to review, negotiate and revise the contract and didn’t. I’m not going to help you now.’”

I went on to explain that every fleet as a different data policy and guidelines for how it will be used. People need to ensure there is confidentiality language in the agreement before accepting it.

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