On January 20th the attorneys of the technology law firm of Marcus Stephen Harris LLC will attend Midventures Design + Develop Series on iPhone and Android App development.  The event is billed as an introduction to app development on the iPhone and Android. Keynote speakers include Uki Lukas of ChicagoAndroid and Chris GroveGrove, CTO of KeyLimeTie.
Workshop attendees will hear from ChicagoAndroid & KeyLimeTie regarding the topics below:

•  Why should my business develop on Android and/or iOS?
•  What types of apps are most proven for business development?
•  Should I hire a freelancer or a firm for my mobile app development?

The technology law firm of Marcus Stephen Harris LLC, will be present at this event and will be actively learning and sharing information from a legal perspective.  Principal Marcus Harris and his attorneys will take the opportunity to demonstrate how new technology is best licensed to new users and existing customers.  As an intellectual property attorney who speaks the language, Marcus Harris is in a good position to connect with the technology community represented at this event.

The keynote speakers should be offering the latest in tips and trends in the mobile technology industry.  A follow-up article will be announced next week, and will be published soon after the event, in which technology attorney Marcus Harris will comment on what we can expect soon and what the developers forecast in the near future.

For more information about this event and the intellectual property and technology law firm of Marcus Stephen Harris, LLC please visit http://www.mshtechlaw.com for contact information.  The firm serves nationwide clients in technology, licensing and intellectual property transactions and litigation.