Negotiating software licenses is a complicated process that takes knowledge and skill.  Changing technology and new methods of software development and delivery have changed the game.  The consequences of getting it wrong can be severe. 

“Negotiating Software Licenses with Marcus Stephen Harris” was broadcast as a webinar focused on understanding software licenses, their legal background and how to maximize your rights while minimizing your risks during the negotiation process. 

By listening to this presentation you will learn how to: 1) Negotiate agreements without unnecessarily increasing risk; 2) Avoid problematic language, common mistakes and litigation; 3) Determine ways to reasonably address vendor and customer concerns; 4) Draft software license agreements; 5) Understand which terms are necessary and which are negotiable.

Prior to entering private practice, Marcus was Senior Corporate Counsel at SSA Global Technologies, a global ERP software vendor.    Marcus also worked in the legal/contracts department of SAP where he drafted and negotiated hundreds of technology related agreements with SAP’s Fortune 500 customer base.  In his private practice, Marcus frequently works with software licensing professionals who need to understand the negotiation process.  These key points are useful for attorneys, sales people and anyone involved the software licensing negotiating process.

We thought to offer you a link to this February’s Software Licensing Webinar featuring software licensing attorney Marcus Stephen Harris.  You can click this link (A Marcus Stephen Harris Webinar: Negotiating The Software License) to review the presentation and to share with others who value some savvy practice tips.  Note, there is a short buffering gap in audio (0:41:33 – 0:44:04); we recently selected a more sophisticated webinar platform to avoid any future issues.

Marcus Stephen Harris, LLC is developing webinar presentations covering additional issues in software licensing.  Please feel free to contact Marcus Stephen Harris, LLC with your comments on future programming.